Who? ME?!

Innocent until proven guilty.  How could we possibly think she did it?! 

Tess, our crazy Border Collie, has always had a stuffed animal, or several, around for fun.  She usually has about three at one time, knows their names and she’ll go get the one you ask her to,even if it’s out of sight somewhere else around the yard. It’s a fun game, and since we read about a Border Collie named Chaser, that knows the names of more than a thousand toys, and will NOT confuse them with one another, I figured Tess could learn at least a few even if she’s just a country bumpkin dog!  The thing is, we’re always changing them out, since they are outside toys once she becomes their owner, and dog teeth always win over stuffed animals.   Similar to rock, paper, scissors, you know!  This steady change-out means she’s always learning new ones and having to “forget” the deceased ones.

She doesn’t put them gently into a box when she does fetch them, as the highly educated, aforementioned Chaser does.  They’re usin’ toys, folks. They are often brought to you, unrequested, bumped firmly and then held tightly against your leg, with The Eye given in that total irresistible way…not to mention that certain tail wag along with it.  So, a game of fetch-the-stuffed-animal ensues, or a much-loved episode of Tug.  So, you see, stuffed animals are very used,  and quite disposable around this outfit!

Tess does not intentionally “kill” these animals, but once a hole appears where she can get even one tooth onto the stuffing, she’s all down to business and immediately her next project becomes removing the innards of said stuffed animal, one bite and pull at a time.  It’s a methodical but hilarious task, and to watch it being accomplished is highly entertaining.  Nothing aggressive about it…just pure enjoyment and glee for her.  But… not for the picker-upper that discovers the crime scene!

And, it’s not only Tess….the lawnmower sometimes gets out of hand, I’m told, and the lawnmower operator just “didn’t see that” soon enough, as an explosion of white confetti rains down upon the tidy lawn…..ahem.  But, there I go, digressing again!

So, without further ado, let me show you just a wee bit of what I’m talking about.  (Just FYI, I would say this victim is not yet fully dispatched–this one would warrant at least one more round of gutting before it could be called a carcass, earning a trip to the trash bin.)

Crime Scene:

Tess's stuffed animal bear gutted and murdered by her

Since we have no small children at our home any longer, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to peg the criminal:

side view of Tess after destroying her stuffed bear

I see her, over here, nowhere near the scene of the crime….and, look at that cuteness!  Do you really think that picture of perfectness could ever have possibly done it?  If dogs could talk:  “Who, meee??!!

But, look again…very closely.   Can you see it?  She is wearing that certain satisfied expression, and looks a little bit too “unconcerned”, wouldn’t you say?

Yeah, it’s probably a good thing dogs can’t talk!

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  1. Diana Edwards

    I love this about “Tess”, Barb! We have a new border collie pup, “Five”….or “Jack” and has taken to a stuffed singing turkey that now has a broken neck and feet, still has stuffing in it!


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