Valentines on the cheap…

Let’s do valentines for school on the cheap.  Inexpensive, but impressive?  You bet! 

It has always bugged me how much money, effort and time can be put into things that just really don’t get appreciated.  One of the places this is most evident, in my opinion, is in the little world called “school”.

Let’s talk about Valentine’s Day at school!  There’s a party for this occasion too, as for all the rest of the holidays.  Nothing against parties!  I love any occasion for a celebration of fun and food, so this is all good, folks!  But, as every parent knows, the requirement of the Valentine’s Party is the exchange of valentines.  And, every kid must get one.  No one can be left out!  No one can get “special” valentines, either!  Save those for giving off the school property, kids!!!

I have three boys.  My experience is that boys could simply not care less about the giving of valentines and the giddy giggles behind the whole holiday of love.  It seems this conundrum of tittering is found to be rather annoying at best.  BUT, we still must do the valentine thing for school, to be proper parents and considerate kids.

Okay.  I went to school, and I am quite certain that all the valentines go in the trash by that very night, if not even before the classroom is fully vacated for the day.  All the careful folding, application of stickers, thoughtful choosing of recipients for each one’s message (Horrors if the most annoying girl in class got the word “love” in her verse!  Gasp!!), painstaking creating of Valentine’s boxes, up to the diligent transporting of the precious articles to school on party day in sagging backpacks on the backs of children everywhere.  Oh, my!

What am I getting at?  Here’s what:  it bugs me to spend a bunch of money on purchased valentines of various creepy super heroes and unrecognizable creatures born of nightmares that Youngest Son insists are member of the forces of GOOD, (!!) only to have them all be tossed within 24 hours!

Enter, the coolest store ever, Dollar Tree.  I love that place!  Never mind that the closest one is two and a half hours away.  (Yes, you read that correctly.)  We happened to be there on another trip to “the big town” and found the perfect answer to this dilemma in the welcomed form of “everything’s a dollar”, or less!

Two whole, whopping dollars later, here’s what Youngest Son came up with. 

Cheap school valentines

Super Hero Spider-Man, a temporary tattoo,  AND an nice chunk of candy!!  He can give titters and giggles in style, and I don’t care a whit how quickly they make their way to File Thirteen!  Go, Dollar Tree!

What’s not to love about that? 

Giggle, giggle…..


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