Valentine’s Day Chocolate & Flowers Giveaway!

The Jolly Rancher has teamed up with The Chocolate Pan, to bring you an amazing giveaway!  Out-of-this-world artisan, hand-created chocolates, and custom-designed, flower-filled notecards can be yours!  A bonus gift for a winning subscriber too! Winner will be drawn at midnight, February 14, 2017.

I am very happy!  Robert, a Culinary Institute of America trained chef, and now chocolatier of The Chocolate Pan, and I, have teamed up to do this amazing giveaway!  I am super excited that some lucky person will receive a box of his incredible confectionery delights in their mail box or at their door that will ultimately end up in their ecstatic mouth.  Boy, are YOU lucky!

Now, I have no idea what will come in YOUR box, as Robert has been given creative liberties to do what he wishes, but I do know one thing:  this stuff will knock your socks right off, and bring on fits of swooning.  Here’s what came in  our latest box from that incredible place, so yours might contain some things like this, or not.  Whatever, it’s gonna be good, baby! 

And, if you don’t win–sniff-sniff–you can always order yumminess from The Chocolate Pan anyway!

Box of chocolate collage

I could talk about his chocolate forever, but there are these too. One deary winter day, I threw some bright and cheery flowery stuff onto my computer screen, came up with a fun image and had it printed onto some 5X7 flat notecards.

Flower Postcard collage

The winner of our contest will receive FIVE of them, along with white envelopes for their sending to a special recipient! Who doesn’t like to get snail mail these days?  And with winter in full swing, what better than this chunk of happy to end up in someone’s mail box?  You will make their day…I guarantee it!

I have a pile of these beauties…, for those of you interested in buying some I am offering them for 5 for $10, free shipping.  Just message me in the contact form with your information.

Now, as if that’s not enough…here’s a fun add-on gift.  A bonus gift of 1/2 pound of fresh-from-my-kitchen, homemade granola will ALSO go to the winner, IF they are also in my subscriber list.  If they aren’t, well…I get to eat the granola myself!  If you don’t want to miss out on that, and you’re not already subscribed, you can do it right now, on the upper right corner of any blog page.

Your granola may not look like this, since you’ll get whatever flavor hits my fancy that day, but here’s an idea of what it may look like.

So, that’s that folks!  Go on and enter the contest here:

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 Win an assortment of hand-created, fine artisan chocolate lusciousness,


a bundle of gorgeous, custom-designed, flower-filled, notecards!

Compliments of

The Chocolate Pan


The Jolly Rancher Cooks

Additional BONUS GIFT of 1/2 pound of homemade granola in the Flavor of the Day,

fresh from The Jolly Rancher's kitchen, to the winner, IF their name is also on my subscriber list.


Note cards are flat, 5X7 postcard-type and come with white envelopes.

The chocolate creations?  Well, they're the best you'll ever eat.  Period. The end.

This contest expired.






  1. Twila Pilcher

    I have entered at least 3 times, but when I go back to the page, the ‘number of entries’ button tells me I haven’t entered.Not sure if I’ve really entered or not, but I sure hope so.

    1. The Jolly Rancher (Post author)

      Twila, you are entered! Good luck!

  2. Diana Edwards

    I just would like to win 1 of your prizes, they all look so wonderful!!’

    1. The Jolly Rancher (Post author)

      Maybe this will be your lucky one, Diana! Good luck!

      1. Diana Edwards

        as did Twila, I thought I’d shared this 3 times for more entries, but it only shows 1 time!!

        1. The Jolly Rancher (Post author)

          You can enter only once. You can share as often as you like, but the additional entries happen only when someone enters through your shared private URL that it assigns when you enter the first time. You can’t tell when this happens, but I can on this end…the app keeps track of it all.
          Good luck!


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