Stud Muffin Coffee

My funny find:  Stud Muffin Coffee in pumpkin spice.  Hmmmm…coffee for the Real Man in your life? 

Well, my personal stud muffin doesn’t even drink coffee…which most definitely does not make him less of a man!  But when I came upon this little treasure at our closest ShopKo, I just couldn’t help it.  I burst out laughing, right there, standing in the aisle, alone.  And, of course, after my fellow shoppers quit staring, I just had to put it in my cart as well, you know!

You will notice, that in keeping with the current global craze, it’s even the ultra-vogue flavor of the moment:  pumpkin spice.  Whether or not you’re part of that certain frenetic movement with regard to pumpkin spice everything, doesn’t really matter!  Hey, it’s funny coffee!  And, if you know me even a teeny-weeny bit, you know that I like to laugh and I like things that make me laugh.  So, you see, I just had to have this coffee.  It’s elementary, my dear Watson.

Now that you’ve already seen the front of the bag, take a gander at the one side panel:

Stud Muffin Coffee-Pumpkin Spice

It’s not important whether or not you have someone in your life that this can apply to.  Oh! I think I see a smile…!?

Now, the other side:

Stud Muffin Coffee-Pumpkin Spice

Okay, you are laughing now, I can feel it!  (If you’re not….well, that might be a clue as to why you drink your coffee alone!)

Now, imagine starting every day off with this bold, orange bag as the first thing your heavy-lidded eyes behold, as you stumble to your coffee maker in your bunny slippers.  Try your best to focus on the written humor as your freshly-brewing coffee merrily splashes into your cup, or pot, bringing that distinctive smell of “the day has sprung!” to your sleep-dulled senses.  YOU, my friend, are going to have an awesome day!!

But, wait!!  There is something you must know?  You say, “But, is it GOOD coffee?!”, as your pinkie finger curls…and your nose elevates slightly…  What?!  Who cares!!  Lighten up, people!   If it starts your day with a smile, it’s good!

Now, go on, and have yourself an incredible day, decaf or regular!!



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