Sounds & Antics of Lambing Time

I’ve posted lamb cuteness, and lambing-time busyness in pictures.  Let’s add some lambing-time sounds and action.

I think it’s fair to say we’ve already established the undeniable, crazy-cuteness of lambs that fills our days during lambing, but what about the sounds and antics of our barnyard during this season?  Anyone with the privilege to experience lambing/lambs will undoubtedly agree with me when I would say that you’re missing a lot in still shots.

So, I’ve put together some videos to help bring you here, right into our barnyard, during our lambing season. 

In the mornings, it’s a loud place, every ewe hollering for her breakfast of grain, running about at the sight of any white bucket with a human attached, temporarily forgetting her poor babies.

The lambs, on the other hand, seem quite happy about this abandonment.  They race around in packs as fast as their springing legs will go, little tails flopping out behind them, bucking and jumping at every chance just for the sheer joy of being a lamb. 

So, much cuteness, no?  How about more!

Lambs will do this in the cool mornings, and in the cool of the evenings.  It’s a really fun thing to see, and there’s nothing quite like it.  I don’t think I would ever tire of watching them in their sheer joy at being alive and feeling good.

We could probably all take a lesson from them, don’t you think?

One more great one, until next time!  (Oh, and notice Spotty Lamb in this clip!  He’s very happy!)


  1. Janice mcintosh

    Love this!!!

  2. mavis

    I just had to smile as I watched the lambs kick up their heels and run. What fun they are having in their new world.

  3. Mary Broady

    Awesome lambie happiness videos. Loved the video with Tess and Rooster Joe, along with the kitty and Rooster Joe. He was a force to be reckoned with! Will there ever be another Rooster Joe? Only time will tell.


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