Saturday Drive: A Picture Story

Downhill road, Montana backcountry

A Saturday drive, Montana style–

So, a few weeks ago, Hubby says, “Let’s go for a drive!”  For you city dwellers, let me inform you that this journey will not include pavement, shopping or McDonald’s.  It WILL, however, include a bit of dash-grabbing and clenched teeth.  (That’s to keep them from rattling out loud…)

Come along with me and you will see what a rural Montana “drive” may entail…

We turn off the gravel county road onto this two-track road, and are headed for beyond those distant hill-looking things that you can’t see very well.

Going rural Montana off road Saturday drive

I am glad it’s a bright, dry day.  This is very important!

We spook up some antelope that seem a bit ticked about the disruption of their Saturday afternoon nap!

Antelope, Big Sky country Montana

Passing a windmill of bygone days, I can’t help but wonder how many cattle through the years have drunk from the water pumped by this old relic…. It stands still, beautiful, but no longer of use.

Windmill, rural Montana ranch country

After a bit, we get to the pines…

Into the pines, Montana backcountry high country

Already quite the contrast from a few miles back where we started!

We claw our way up this hillside…gotta get to “the top”, y’know!  (Wherever THAT is! )  I’m glad for a functional four-wheel drive!

Up logging trail hill

I’m also VERY glad it’s dry, dry, dry right here at this moment!  This is one of the places where it’s very important!

We reach something that apparently classifies as “the top”, so we get out.  Oh!   But we must hike a bit higher to “the tip-top”, where Hubby proceeds to expound on ranch borders and landmarks while we all marvel yet again at the sheer vastness of this wild country.

Hubby talking Montana high country

Middle Son takes it all in….we each feel very small.  This back-country will do that to a person….

Middle Son in Montana high country

We started down there, somewhere.  I’m glad it’s not up to me to get us back home!  Ack!

Montana high country

Now for the downhill journey….

Rural Montana logging road downhill

Just because this is downhill, doesn’t mean it will be faster than going up! 

Speed bump Montana back road

A back-road “speed bump’. These are put in to help keep water erosion to a minimum.  It makes for an interesting ride!

Rocky hill, pine country

We wind and bounce through craggy rocky stuff, beautiful pines and rough back-country on our way back to “civilization”. 

But, we are not alone!  Someone is watching US…well, hello to you too, deer!

Back-lit deer silhouettes at sunset in Montana

Whew!  Back on a “real” road and soon Turret Buttes comes into view.  This is proof that we are nearing home… and the end of our Saturday drive.

Turret Buttes at sunset evening

The evening sun is lighting up the hills in its magical way, putting the perfect ending on our McDonald’s-free trek.

Thanks for coming along!  Hope you enjoyed your bounce-free ride-along!



  1. SueK

    Looks great to me, Barbra!

  2. Anonymous

    Gorgeous views!

  3. Sharon rough my liking. I have also been known to get out and walk if I thought the road was to steep. You are brave! And I enjoyed the picture adventure! Great for the family to get ‘out’ and explore!

  4. jlackman

    I wish I was out there driving around right now!


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