Moving Sheep (kind of)

Moving sheep down river, Powder River, Montana

When Hubby says, “Let’s go push those sheep farther down-river!”,  I tend to want more details.  

I have seen these kinds of “fun thing to do” items turn into the exact opposite in no time flat, so I want to know what exactly he’s talking about. Do I need running shoes?  How far “down-river” is he talking about?  Just how long will this take under normal circumstances?  Do we need to pack a lunch?   (Well, that never hurts at any time, but he says we don’t need it.)


We zip down to the fence by the river on a four-wheeler, crawl through the wires where we see a few ewes, planning to start them moving.  They see us, and quickly figure out that we are not bearers of corn or any other sheep-yumminess this day!  “Ah-HAH!!  And there’s a dog too!!”, they exclaim to themselves!  Instantly, they blat nervously for their lambs.  The lambs are quickly up and stuck next to Mama like little burrs, ready to travel.

Sheep moving down river

They trot quickly through the brush and fallen logs, calling out to lambs as they go and warning every other ovine member within a mile, that the enemy is upon them!  Run for your lives, everyone!!  Run!!

We nonchalantly stroll quite a distance behind, but today we must appear to be lions for all the speed they apply!   They zoom ahead, stopping to look back in horror occasionally, all the while calling frantically to their babies.

Sheep moving down river

It is clear that I will not be needed here today, so leave the sheep to their wild ideas, and I ramble over to this currant bush, where I am reminded by its beautiful and fragrant blossoms, that spring is really here!  Ahhh!

Currant blossoms

Even Tess realizes her job has quickly disintegrated into nothingness, so she noses about for squirrels and whatever else she likes to learn about with her nose.  Every so often, she gazes wistfully in the direction of the commotion.  She really loves to move a sheep, y’know, so this is a considerable blow to her pride.

Tess out in the woods along the Powder River

Oh!  And, well, well, look over there!  Even Hubby appears to be enjoying his time off from this non-job. His hands are even being allowed in his pockets!  This is pretty close to napping posture, folks!  What a nice evening!

Along the Powder River

Suddenly, Hubby announces, “That’s far enough”, just as though we have actually done something useful.  I guess it’s just habit.  I turn lazily and watch the sheep flowing down-river, far ahead and unassisted.  I’m happy to oblige him.

Maybe you can even catch a glimpse of them in this picture, way up there, on top of the riverbank.  Right above and to the left of Tess.  Squint!  It’s really them–those little, distant, whitish blobs.

Moving sheep down river, Powder River, Montana

Now, wasn’t that easy?!  They’re still going as we turn back.   Soon, not a single one is in sight.  

Next, we all go home.  The end.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering…  No…it doesn’t always work that way.  Well, on second though, let me rephrase that:  it almost NEVER works that way!

Hubby was right–we didn’t even need a lunch.

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