Lambing 2017 begins…

Lambing 2017

And…..they’re off!  Lambing has officially begun.  Get ready for upcoming lamb cuteness overload in the days ahead.  As for this moment, here’s a sneak peek….

You can never get too much lamb cuteness.  And, even a little teeny bit, is worth sharing.

This is what greets me this morning, one day after the ewes’ due date.  Grand weather, and a sprinkling of lambs on the ground.  All is well.

Here’s to the smallest blog post ever by Yours Truly, just to whet your appetite!

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  1. Sylvia Zimmer

    LOVE and miss this so much.. growing up a ranch girl it never leaves your heart. During high school my brothers and I each skipped school for one week to do the night lambing. What a great experience!! Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. The Jolly Rancher (Post author)

      What great memories, Sylvia! We are pretty new to sheep, but have learned to really love working with them. They are great animals for kids to grow up with as well.

  2. Eldest Son of the Jolly Rancher

    Nice to see the lambs– induces nostalgia– makes me *almost* miss lambing time, lol!

    1. The Jolly Rancher (Post author)

      No almost about it, we miss you!

  3. Anonymous

    I have in mind I am subscribed and Glad to hear about the lambies, glad they waited until weather is better. Think it was 60 or so here today.


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