Lamb cuteness overload…

Cute lamb, Montana ranch

Lambs are the cutest living creatures.  Ever.  And, we get to witness a massive dose of their adorableness every lambing season here in Montana.

We run Targhee ewes, which are all white, and we use Suffolk and/or Suffolk-Hampshire cross bucks on them.  Both Suffolk and Hampshire are black-faced breeds of sheep.  Meaning, for those of you more greenhorn than we, they have black faces, and black legs, but their wool is still white.  This combination creates lambs that are beyond the normal run-of-the-mill in many departments, and especially in the cuteness category. 

So, in general, a buck like this one is used on ewes like you see in the background.


The resulting lambs come out speckled, spotted, brownie, white with black Panda eyes, gray, mottled, white with the tiniest of black markings—the list goes on and on.  But, one thing is for sure:  they will not be pure white with pink noses like most lambs with both white-faced breed parents.  I have nothing against white lambs: they are cute simply because they are lambs.  But, personally, I am partial to the cross-bred lambs because I just can’t get enough of their cuteness.  Yes, my reasoning is unabashedly motivated by pure, greedy selfishness. And, it doesn’t bother me one bit.  I mean, why settle for cute when you can have Cuteness Overload Deluxe that extends way beyond words?! 

Since these perfect little packages of delight and smile-inducing antics can’t be described in mere words, let’s get to the pics, shall we? 

And the winner for the 2016 Lambing season is……(drum roll, please!)……………………..  Oh, wait!  We are not going to do that!  HOW do you pick ONE?  That’s right, it’s quite impossible, so you just go ahead and love the one that you find the most irresistible, and it’s all good!  No one can ever be wrong here, folks!

Spotty ones are some of my personal faves!


I also love “brownie” lambs…  This one’s fuzzy face is exceptionally lovable!


And, The Most Beautiful Brownie Lamb in All the World was, and ever will be, Butterscotch.  This is her charming self when she was a small and adorable bum lamb.

Butterscotch bum

Lambs with uppy ears…


And downy ears…


And tired-looking ears…  (I think he needs me!)


Or, straight-out ears….

cropped for 5X7

And, even some with confused ears, like Wonky Lamb here…


Some with lots of white…


Some with lots of black…  (This cutey-patooty happens to be Butterscotch’s very first lamb!)


Some are true black….meaning they will not lighten as they get older.  (This is our The Black Sheep as a lamb, and she still has those frosted, slilver-tipped ears!)

These black lambs, for us, are very few and far between.  We didn’t get any this year…


Some are sprinkled all over with pepper…  (and apparently dipped in dark chocolate!)


Others are rolled in cinnamon-sugar….


There are always the ones with unusual markings that keep me carrying my camera around….and slowing down chores.  “Nobody move, I’m taking a picture!” and “Don’t spook that ewe, I’m taking a picture!” and “Wait!  There’s a good shot!” or even, “Hold on!  That one is SOOOO cute!  Let me take a picture first!”, happens on a regular basis during chore-time around here during the lambing season.  Sorry, guys!

This little guy was so interesting–one black ear opposite the black side of his face, one spotted ear opposite the spotty side of his face.  Flipparoo there!  And then the random almost-pawprint on his shoulder!  He doesn’t care about me, but I love him.  Yes, I do.


This one was sporting black on the entire side of his face and down his neck to where the wool starts.  It’s very cool!


And, of course, a winner from a couple years ago….


Some have black muzzles…


Some are kinda appaloosa….


It’s always a super-fun variety pack, every year. 


No matter what flavor they are, there’s one thing that is for certain:  lambs are simply the cutest, and we can’t help but turn into useless mush when we come near them.  Amen.

There you have it!  A taste of the little, spring-loaded bundles of happy that fill the month of April at our house!  There is no possible way I could ever show you all the cuteness, but I hope you have had a fun time with this sampler….





  1. mavis

    How cute they all are. Have never seen a spotted one. Imagine all that cuteness turns into something else in the fall. Enjoy while you can & of course what comes later.

  2. Anonymous

    Love it Barb😋


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