Harvest or hunt?

Bagging a deer:  Hunt or harvest?

Where we live, deer are abundant to the point of being a nuisance.  We are not “hunters” by any stretch of the word, but, by golly, when it’s legal, we’re going to get a bit of our garden back from those pesky deer one way or another!  So, a delicious, tender, juicy whitetail tenderloin on our table for dinner is the sweetest revenge I can think of.  It’s almost worth giving up a few tomato plants for.  Almost…..

Middle Son, being a procrastinator, waited until the last day of the hunting season to bring home something for the freezer. I was getting a bit naggy–Eldest Son had already bagged his and it was snug in its freezer home weeks ago.  So, off to the woods Middle Son finally ambled–about an hour and and one shot later, he dropped the one he figured would be the best tasting.  (That’s how we “hunt” around here…good to eat?  Go for it!) 

Boys taking Middle Son's deer home in the sled

As is the routine with Middle Son, what he does, he does well….he picked a good one, all right! 

And, the proof is on the platter….I really wish you could taste it.  But, then again…I’m not sure you need to.  Just trust me.

Whitetail buck tenderloin grilled to perfection.

Mmmmm…. The only thing that could improve this deliciousness would be a garden-fresh tomato…. ahem.

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