Crazy cat…

Cat loves the dog, Tess

Lovey-dovey farm cat’s object of affection is the ranch dog…

We have this cat, and you could say that he’s a little messed up in the head.  He is infatuated with our dog, Tess, to the point of exhibiting very odd, un-catlike behaviors.  Tess doesn’t seem to mind too much…hey, she’ll take any affection from anyone, anything, anywhere and anytime.  She’s a lover!  See what I’m talking about?!

Tess the lover dog

Well, Cat, although he has many cat friends that live here, finds Tess to be simply irresistible, and apparently much more fun than any common farm cat.  Sniff!  When Tess enters Cat’s field of vision, she’s in trouble, folks!  Cat will swagger his way over to Tess and do anything he can think of to get some affection for himself.  Here’s where complications arise—as you know, dogs have no hands and so they are not good at petting cats.

Every single person in our family has hands that would gladly pet this cat, but he will have nothing of it!  He will not even come near us!  Oh, no!!  He’s much too smart in his little cat-brain, to be trapped into some awful episode that a human might inflict upon him.  He has NO experiences on which to base this convoluted thread of thought, but…..well, being a cat, he’s, by default, an independent thinker.  And, we ALL know that cats just pretty much do or think whatever it is that they wish to and there’s not a thing anyone can do about it.  So, what’s the use of trying to make sense of it?  But, I digress….

Where were we?  Oh, yes…Tess, having no hands, cannot possibly pet this cat, and she has no alternative means to deliver methods of affection cats appreciate, or will get their motors purring to life!  But, Cat, being no common ordinary farm cat, and the independent thinker that he is, has this problem already solved.  So, when Tess slows down or stops he energetically leans himself into her nearest body part to grab a “pet”. He rears up on his hind legs and rubs on her face, he arches with glee and rubs on her sides, he actually jumps up, flinging himself at her and steals a “pet” in a fly-by sort of movement as he’s coming back to earth!  Wherever poor Tess goes in the barnyard, this bizarre performance continues!Cat loves the dog, Tess

Tess, although a Border Collie, does possess a considerable amount of patience, so she puts up with this for a time.  Her dog-face wears a resigned sort of expression, mingled with a look of embarrassment.  She knows, deep down in her kind and loving dog heart, that this is somehow just not how things should be!  So, eventually, her self-respect wins out and she purposefully trots away, leaving Cat in the dust, bewildered and broken.

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