Coasters too fine to use?

Wood-grain leather hand-carved coasters

Coasters too nice to cover up with a cup? 

It just very well could be–take a look, folks!

Wood-grain leather hand-carved coasters

Middle Son has an inkling for leather things and his latest project has been these wood-grained, hand carved, coasters.  Yes, that’s right.  They’re pure leather, and 100% HAND CARVED.  No tools used other than what you see here:

Wood-grain leather hand-carved coasters

As anyone with a teeny bit of artist in them knows, good-looking wood-grain is not as easy to create as it looks, let alone carving it into leather.  So, I’m going to brag a bit here…and yes, I have that right as The Mom.  Any objections?  I didn’t think so….

It’s been grand to watch Middle Son transform an ugly chunk of raw leather into these beauties, ready to be put to use for their new owner…who just may be wondering why they’re not in the mail!  Ha!  I’m not done looking at them yet!  You’re not done looking at them either?  Well, here’s more then:

Wood-grain leather coasters

And, if you’re interested in some for yourself, or for that unique gift you’ve been looking for, use the Contact Me tab at the top and let me know.  For sale, they are…and lots of other coaster options as well.  Let us know what you’d like and he’ll see what he can do.

It’s been wonderful to witness the gift Middle Son has in transforming the vision in his mind to reality onto the leather.  I’m not sure he realizes that not everyone can do that, it comes so naturally to him.  Add to this, his perfectionism in whatever he sets his mind and hands to, and what do you get?

Well, for one, you get really nice coasters that just might be too fine to cover up with a cup…..



  1. Sharon

    Wow…these are great. Functional and artsy. I see so much detail added…good eye and hand. Middle son…

  2. Anonymous

    These are amazing I can’t wait to get mine!

  3. jlackman

    These look pretty slick! I might need a set.


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