Cheater Fried Ice Cream

Cheater Fried Ice Cream?  Fried ice cream without the fry, in minutes, and from ingredients already in your pantry.

Sound too good to be true?  Well I’m going to make you a believer!

We live a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG way from any place that has delicious fried ice cream on the menu.  Yes, I know it’s very tragic.  I have made it from scratch, but it’s one of those things that I just can’t get really excited about spending an entire day making, just to watch it disappear down the hatches of hungry teenagers in seconds flat.  No.  That does not really thrill me much.  However, if you’ve never had it, you’re really missing one of the most impressive marvels of culinary creativity, not to mention one of the most beautiful relationships between hot and cold, silk and crunch, sweet and spice that your mouth will ever have the pleasure of surrounding! 

Yes, I love the stuff!  You can tell?

So head on down to your reputable local Mexican restaurant and have some tonight!  While you’re at it, take a moment of reverent silence…and think of me….HOURS from really good ice cream, let alone of the fried variety.  Oh!  The unfairness of life!!

It’s okay.  I’ll get over it.  Eventually….

Well, one thing that our life of circus acts and remote addresses has done, is force creativity upon me, especially in the kitchen.  And, because I am not one willing to put up with hum-drum if there’s wow to be had, I’ve figured out a way to have fried ice cream any old day, in seconds flat, with a few items you already have in your cupboard.

“No way!”, you say.  Well, okay.  I never said it’s the real thing.  But, I guarantee you will be blown away with how wonderful of a substitution it will make.  And, I promise you, you will not be able to look me in the eye and tell me that it doesn’t taste just like “real” fried ice cream.  It’s really, really good….and my family all agrees on this one, no problem.

In fact, it’s so simple and easy that I’m almost embarrassed to admit this trick in public.  But, its tastiness needs to be shared far more than my embarrassment needs to be protected.

Get out your vanilla ice cream, the cinnamon, some corn flakes, corn chex or similar crunchy cereal stuff (NO!  NOT Bran Flakes, for Heaven’s sake!!), some honey and your can of ReddiWip.  You can’t eat that, you say?  It’s unhealthy?  Well, it IS made with real cream, but if you still can’t handle it on your healthy dessert, just whip some heavy whipping cream which will be just as good, if not even better.  But, I’m quite lazy, and remember, I said you could make this in minutes….not fractional parts of hours.  And, I also believe life is simply too short and too full of stress already to not enjoy some things just for the simple sake of enjoying it.  (My grandpa would be proud!) Go, ReddiWip!!

Smash up enough corn flakes or chex or whatever you’re using, for the amount of servings you’re doing, and according to how much “crunch” you like on your fried ice cream.  Let’s not debate that…just smash some!

Scoop your vanilla ice cream into a bowl, sprinkle liberally (I know this is election year, folks, but this has nothing to do with politics–it means “lots of it”!) with cinnamon, then with smashed up corn flakes, drizzle with ample rivlets of  honey (if you use locally grown, raw honey, this dessert becomes a health food!), more cinnamon if you wish, then top it off with a really good, satisfying squiiiiiiiirt of ReddiWip.

If you’re into presentation, add one more light sprinkle of cinnamon on the fluff….it’s so much prettier that way!  You can see, I failed to do that in my photo….

Now, dig in…try to get a bit of everything in every bite.  Close your eyes….you can feel the crunch, taste the honey and cream and the cinnamony spark, all mingled with the cool smoothness of the ice cream.  All that’s missing is that Mexican restaurant……95 miles away. 

Cheater Fried Ice Cream

Like it?   Told you so….

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