Cats and dogs…

standoff between Tess and cat

Cats will be cats, dogs will be dogs…

Tess, our smooth-coated Border Collie, is very much a dog’s dog.  She really does (secretly) like our many farm cats, but, you know…well, she has a lot of pride, so she also needs to save face and act like a canine is expected to around cats!  Our cats fall into two categories with regard to Tess:  Those that ignore her, and those that will still fluff and spit.  It’s this latter group that Tess’s dog-heart finds to be utterly and hopelessly irresistible!  She absolutely delights in feinting “attacks” and  faux meanness just to get one to start the fluff and hissing thing –I swear I can see her laughing!  And, to tell you the truth…if you look closely, it appears the chosen cat even finds a certain glee in the whole thing as well! 

Pretty much every morning, after Youngest Son is on the bus safely and Tess and I have taken our morning walk, she and I head back down the road to our house.  As is usually the case, several of our cats come out to meet us, trotting merrily towards us, tails straight up in the “Hi!  I’m happy to see you!” position, meowing a happy “Good morning!”.  

This day is no exception.  Oh!  But, look!  It’s Tess’s lucky day–she gets one to puff and spit, and the chase is on!  Cat hunkers down, ready for a fight!  Tess happily keeps it at bay, panting with joy!  Cat flattens his ears in mock fear and crouches in the Terror Position, exhibiting superb acting abilities.  Neither one will dare break the eye contact or move a single muscle!  The Standoff is ON!  This is too funny for me and I howl with laughter.  I am lucky to have my camera along for this!

standoff between Tess and cat

The standoff continues for quite some time, when, in an instant, Cat decides to run for it!  But, Tess is just as fast and she’s on to his tricks, just like a good cutting horse!  My camera can’t even keep up, and they’re a blur of exploding motion.  But, I suppose the fact that I’m laughing so hard I can’t hold it steady has nothing to do with it!

Standoff over, someone moved

The dash lasts for about a millisecond and then they are locked in the frozen stare-down battle once again…this time in a different spot.  And, don’t you agree, they both look a little less serious about this whole game?

Standoff reinstated Tess and cat

Soon, they tire of faking the expected cat-dog hatred that society has unfairly placed upon them, break the spell, and trot away to just another ordinary day on the ranch.

I suppose there’s a certain sense of accomplishment in their respective hearts about the whole thing… I can see it in their attitudes, sure enough!  They both are thinking, “I won!”.  

But, I got the laugh.  I got the pics.  I won.


  1. Darla

    That’s so funny! And you definitely were the winner.

  2. Karen



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