Bus Stop

Boy and dog at rural Montana bus stop waiting in fog

What’s in a bus stop?

Ours includes a quarter-mile stroll—or frantic walk-jog, depending on if we’re running late–to the mailbox where the school bus picks up Youngest Son.  This small portion of our morning can absolutely set the tone for my day.  Here, the scenery is always changing with the conditions and I guarantee it will have an affect on anyone’s state of mind.  (Unless you don’t possess a mind, in which case…..well, maybe we’ll just drop that.)

This particular morning, there’s a medieval feeling to the fog that sets the tone–serene, softly silent and completely captivating.  A knight on horseback would fit right in!  I  really wish I could somehow share the scent of a fresh, fall morning hereabouts!  There’s nothing quite like it…except, I suppose,  for the smell of fresh-baked bread, but that’ll have to wait for a different post.

As we wait for the little yellow bus, the sound of an elk bugle rolls up from the fog-hidden river bottoms below us.  Wow!!  Can it get any better than this?


So, as the bus rounds the turn from the south, Youngest Son and I are wearing big smiles and feeling good!  We can’t see the bus yet, but we can hear it…wait, here it comes!

This is the almost laughable essence of this country kid’s school bus stop…Morning Rush Hour in rural Montana, folks!  Take a look:


He clamors aboard, headed to another fun day in the small-town school. (Insert another elk bugle here!)

School Bus

Tess watches her boy leave, knowing our morning walk follows the bus ritual….this day, our venture will involve trying to catch a glimpse of Mr. Elk!


Bye, Youngest Son!  Have a good day!

So off we go, Tess and I, headed towards the misty river bottoms, where we last heard that most captivating elk bugling magic.  Immediately, my shoes are soaked from the foggy dew and my socks are sloshing.  Oh, well, at least it’s not cold!  Mr. Elk is still bugling!  We’re getting closer…..  Where is he?!

Listen!  There it is again!  Bummer.  He’s….he’s…somewhere…over THERE…


Even though my socks are sloshing, I’ll opt out of following further.  I’ll just have to be content with listening in and enjoying his bugling song for today!

Tess and I head back, and as the morning sun rises higher, the fog skedaddles, exposing the beginning of yet another perfect fall day!


I don’t know about you, but with a beginning like this, it’s going to take a lot to wreck MY day!!




  1. Anonymous

    I really enjoy reading through all of your posts! Love the humor involved! You should definitely write a book someday, Barbra! Love all of the photos you post! I remember when I was little and, like Alex, rode the bus to school! Brings back lots of memories, (good and bad)

  2. Diana Edwards

    I’m LOVING this, Barb! Loved the picture of Tess. Keep it coming!

  3. Darla

    What a great morning!

  4. Anonymous

    just tuned in. looking forward to following you. Jim and Carol Brandt Tiffany’s parents

  5. jlackman

    I”m leaving a comment!

  6. admin

    I miss riding the bus.


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