Box o’ chocolate

Dark Chocolate Caramel with sea salt

Beware of chocolatiers bearing gifts…?  Not!  When a box containing artisan chocolate lands on your doorstep, what do you do?   Be happy.  Be very, very happy!

We have a friend who’s a Culinary Institute of America-trained chef.  He’s done many things, but currently, he’s a chocolatier in Massachusetts and his place of creative endeavors is called The Chocolate Pan. (You can also find the link to his website under Sites I Like.).

Although we would call he and his lovely wife our friends no matter what he did for a living, having a friend that creates incredible artisan chocolate creations on a daily basis is something we remotely-located hayseeds can really get excited about!   Because, you see, sometimes he sends us a box…… and when that happens, all things at our house momentarily come to a screeching halt.  Everyone is intent on getting inside the box ASAP.  Nothing else matters at that point.  It’s probably a good thing we don’t have an infant in the house anymore…..

Now, I appreciate excellent chocolate as well as anyone, but I also appreciate the creativeness of what this guy can do!   I have seen firsthand how he can take plain, ordinary ingredients, do his culinary artistry magic and transform those humble ingredients into something you hate to destroy by eating!  But, you do anyway, because I have also TASTED firsthand what he puts on a plate and that part is even more impressive!  But, back to chocolate!

Just before Easter we got A Box.  Oh, my!  We didn’t take the time to even sweep the dust off of this one, baby!  We normally do, as every package ever delivered to house is so covered with road dust, you need to sweep the floor after it sits on it!  No kidding!  Yeah…we could use a bit of rain too….

We ripped into the box using the nearest available cutting device… and then gazed lovingly into its depths.  Oh….it looks SO VERY promising indeed!  But, quick!  To action!


Well, let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?  Yep…looks like Easterish chocolate-covered Oreos!   And, oh, wow, some truffles too!   And chocolate covered cranberries, in both milk and dark chocolates! 


Well, let’s see what is in those other boxes too! Yikes!  Sea salted chocolate caramels?!  I’m in trouble now!

And, really, now are those chocolated bunny Peeps?!  And hand-decorated too?!   We must taste!


I just have to try those Peeps…I am NOT a fan of Peeps, but I do know that chocolate can cover a multitude of inferior-food sins so lets go for it.


Just as I anticipated….The Chef has fixed Peeps, no doubt about it!  These critters are really, really amazingly delicious!

Chocolate covered bunny Peeps, in two varieties.  THE CURE for the common Peep, hands down.  Amen.


What else is in here, folks?

Milk chocolate-dipped Oreo of the rabbit variety, hand-decorated and too cute!  Now, just why can’t these the rabbits that roam our hills?  Alas!


Dark chocolate-dipped Oreo in a vegetable flavor.  I had no idea chocolate and carrots compliment one another so well!


How about these caramels?  I absolutely cannot express in mere words how fabulously delicious these are, folks!  Out of this world—that teeny crunch of gourmet sea salt just take these squares of confectionery perfection totally over the top.  Nuff said.

This one, beautiful in dark chocolate:


These in milk chocolate.  They’re both just insane.  And I really had an urge to just squirrel these little gems under my bed for me only, but……I also would rather prefer to keep living among my family members, so we much compromise….bummer!


Just enough chocolate-clothed cranberries to leave us craving oh so many more!  By the time I took this picture, the dark chocolate ones were long gone.  These milk chocolate ones have a touch of orange flavor, and let me tell you, you will literally swoon over these little babies.  Gads!  ALL of these cranberry delights are THE BEST I have EVER eaten…..simply divine!


And, then, the truffles– to be honest, we have not eaten any of them yet.  Shhhh!  They’re just so CUTE we are saving them for last.  But, I know they’ll be beyond delectable as well.  How could they NOT be?

Just check out these adorable little Easter rabbits!


Here enters a mystery of life:  just why, oh, why could not our rabbit-infested hill up the road be covered with these things instead of the furry variety?!

Now, more carrots in there too!  Look!  Okay, I’m getting these carrot seeds this year!  And, I’ll plant lots of them…but not to share.  Sorry.


There, so now we’ve examined all the treasures of The Box….wasn’t that grand?

Since I can’t share these delectable treats with you, go ahead and get some for yourself at The Chocolate Pan!  The sooner the better!  I mean, why would you wait?  Summer’s a coming, and these little yummies may not do so well traveling in hot weather.  But, with the skills of The Chef, that problem might be solved already.

So, in closing, here’s one more look at some of the delights of The Box before I leave you……craving chocolate.  Right?


I knew it.

Pssssst!  Go getcha some!


  1. Nikala Smith

    I hope you get more free chocolate for this amazing description and advertising you did for him!
    Sounds simply amazing.
    Maybe we should have a day devoted to dipping all sorts of foods in chocolate?!

  2. Jessie

    I think I need to make the acquaintance of this extraordinary person…!!!

  3. Connie Wilson

    Good thing you are lambing to lose the weight you gained eating this goodies. When he comes to visit, maybe he can give us some chocolate lessons.

  4. Jeanie

    Barbra, I’ve never thought of you being cruel before now… I’m thinkin’ “I sure wish they lived next door!” (;-) Those look absolutely yummy… I will just have to imagine that I’ve had my “chocolate fix” for the day, because I’m sure I gained a couple of pounds just drooling over those pictures! Thanks ~ I really enjoy your blog!


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