Big Box o’ Chocolate…

Box of chocolate collage

A box of lots of chocolate arriving at your door–the cure for the winter blues!

As you may know from my previous post on this topic, we have a chocolatier friend that sometimes sends us really great stuff.   (Now, that’s a sorry understatement when speaking about his excellent, hand-created, artisan chocolate!)

Our friend, The Chef turned chocolatier, over in Massachusetts at The Chocolate Pan, did it again….and the box of loveliness arrived here in Montana on a cold, dreary winter day.  It instantly felt like Spring! 

Now, in reality, I like to take my time opening the box, from tape to tissue paper to opening every expertly packed box full of amazingness, but, for you, we’ll just cut to the chase and show you what was inside as quickly as we can. So, here goes!

Oooo!  Malt balls…lots of them! Their mellow crunchiness coated in fine chocolate…mmmm! 

And, look at that!  The cutest snowman EVER!  Adorning a chocolate smothered Oreo…are you kidding? 

Oh, but they come in a reindeer version too!

What are these?!  Oh, dear…roasted and salted almonds covered in both milk and dark chocolate.  Swoon…..

Oh, and one of the best things to ever hit your tongue, baby:  these chocolatized dried cranberries are to die for!  These are some of my favorites, people, and you have not tasted anything like these before.  Not just any old cranberries, but infused with a hint of raspberry oil, these are in a class of their own, hands down!

What’s this?  Oh, my!  A caramelly chewy thingamabob with cashews!  I have no clue what it’s called, but who cares?  It’s delectable!

And, here’s the pecan version as well.  I guess for those who have issues with cashews….yeah right. 

This box must include The Chocolatier’s famous truffles…oh, yes! Here they are!  Both in dark chocolate and milk chocolate varieties….aren’t they gorgeous?

Please, don’t get hung up on the “gorgeous” part…the ultra-smooth and incredibly rich interior of these beauties deserved to be exposed…..and savored slowly.  Very slowly….this is not your Hershey’s bar, people.  Respect it.

Oh! Oh! Oh!  And of the disgustingly-cute whale variety as well!  How cool is that?!

Here’s a fun one– peppermint bark, dipped in fine dark chocolate.  Does it get any better than this?!

I guess so, because there’s a whole box of my absolute favorite creation from the east coast chocolate wonders factory—sea-salted caramels.  I am warning you–these babies will have you addicted with the first molecule to pass your lips.  Absolute perfection!

Dark Chocolate Caramel with sea salt

Well, that’s it folks.  I’m sorry to leave you hanging, like the last page of a really good novel….  But, hey!  Psssssst!  You now know where to get some of this stuff….and Valentine’s is near!

What are you waiting for?!

Here’s the link:  The Chocolate Pan


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