Hi, I’m The Jolly Rancher. I am happily cooking and photographing my life away on a large ranch in rural Montana. Creating good stuff in my kitchen for others is my love language. Capturing the essence of life-moments on a camera brings me joy.  I love zinnias, dark chocolate with sea salt, laughter, fresh homemade bread with honey and butter, Mark Twain, fall, and…..sheep. 

I share my life with Hubby, our three sons, one cool dog, Tess, a large pride of farm cats, one pet rooster named Rooster Joe, his three hens, and a varying number of sheep.  The ranch where we live, and where Hubby works, runs only cattle, so we fill that sad little gap with some happy woolies of our own.  Loving sheep has been a learned skill for me.  In fact, I used to be The Number One Sheep Hater ever.  But, alas…..that was before I knew better.  I am now no longer ignorant…

My hands are often occupied with cooking utensils or a camera….a very fun combination!    I believe food should be a celebration.  If it’s not, throw it to the cats!  I also believe every celebration is a call for some kind of good food, so my kitchen is a pretty happy place.  Come on in!

So, without further ado, come along with me down our country back-road, and join me on my little speck of planet Earth!





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