Monthly Archive: January 2016

Saturday Drive: A Picture Story

Downhill road, Montana backcountry

A Saturday drive, Montana style– So, a few weeks ago, Hubby says, “Let’s go for a drive!”  For you city dwellers, let me inform you that this journey will not include pavement, shopping or McDonald’s.  It WILL, however, include a…
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Pancake fight…

her opancakes and my pancakes

An unexpected pancake recipe knock-down drag-out:  I win by KO in round one. One of my pet peeves is having to tweak supposedly true-and-tried recipes.  (What does true-and-tried mean to you, folks?  Yeah, me too.) Our mornings can get a…
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Coasters too fine to use?

Wood-grain leather hand-carved coasters

Coasters too nice to cover up with a cup?  It just very well could be–take a look, folks! Middle Son has an inkling for leather things and his latest project has been these wood-grained, hand carved, coasters.  Yes, that’s right. …
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Forecast: Tropical Wintry Mix


Can we enjoy a tropical climate in Montana in December?  You bet! It’s not such a flummoxing thing as you might think, my child.  Come with me into my kitchen and I will show you a wondrous thing! But first,…
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